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A Collection of Connections

“To friend or not to friend” that is the real question. I would love to see how Shakespeare’s Hamlet would have questioned his social media presence. Wait a minute, I just checked; he already has a Facebook page that more than 50,000 people have “liked,” including two of my friends. These days when it comes […]

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If Joint Marketing Planning is so great, why can’t I get my partners to embrace it?

The adoption of Joint Marketing Planning (JMP) is on the rise with vendors today. And as stated in previous installments, the reasons are clear: JMP is the best way for vendors to assure GTM alignment with their partners, gain advance insight into your partners’ sales and marketing efforts, and to drive efficient/effective use of MDF allowances. OK, why then aren’t your partners embracing the process as much as you are? Well, maybe your partners are, but according to a recent proprietary survey conducted by CCI, many partners aren’t seeing the value. To the extent that might be true, I would boil it down to lack of WIIFM—or “What’s In It For Me”.

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