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Global Channel Finance: Exchange Rate Management

There are several challenges associated with the design and management of a global channel program; among them is assigning the burden of exchange rate fluctuation. For financial managers in companies conducting international business, exchange rate management is a key component of accurate financial reporting. These companies typically roll all financial and transactional data up to […]

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We all need a little PB&J:  passion, bravery and joy, in our business lives. Our company, LaBov & Beyond Marketing Communications and Training, uses PB&J as our mantra. It’s not like we have the PB&J market cornered, it’s just we’ve come to realize that on our best day, we exude passion in our thinking and […]

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How are you on your best day?

Dan Merchant is smart marketing guy who I always enjoy talking to. He’s a longtime ad guy, former CMO. You either love him or you can’t stand him (that’s ok with him) because he’ll say things that sometimes just don’t go down easy. I’m going to share one of his brilliant nuggets. It’s a two-part nugget. It’s […]

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