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How Social Media is Changing our “Work” Behavior

Original post date June 11, 2009 In 1962, Thomas Kuhn wrote The Structure of Scientific Revolution, and fathered, defined and popularized the concept of “paradigm shift.” Kuhn argues that scientific advancement is not evolutionary, but rather is a “series of … Continue reading → Read Original Post

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3 times or 30 times?

How many attempts are you making to connect with someone? I’m referring to calling on someone for the purpose of setting up a meeting to see if there is a possibility of sales process. Studies have shown that most sales people make one or two attempts and then move on. Usually success doesn’t kick in […]

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How Process Can Impact the Customer Experience

Original post September 9, 2008 Pick up any book on Customer Service and the first tip on how to improve or provide a good customer service experience is to “listen to the customer.”  This advice is so incredibly obvious and … Continue reading → Read Original Post

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