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The Hell that is Business Travel

A few years ago I suffered through four days of business travel hell.  I saved emails and documented my nightmare so that one-day I might look back on it and laugh.  This story is dedicated to anyone has had “one of those days” or in my case, four of those days.  If you don’t believe […]

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Sell What People Want to Buy + 10% More

I had lunch with a friend recently that works for the local newspaper selling advertising. She began a couple years ago selling for their digital platform and 6 months ago was asked to cover a territory for their print (paper) products too. One comment stuck out that she said, and that was she was amazed […]

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The Disappearing Sales Process

Twenty-five years ago, I was a snot-nosed kid out of college who suddenly decided that law school was not in the future.  With a recession on, and needing to pay the rent, I took the first job offered and went … Continue reading →Read Original Post

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