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Outsourcing Sales: Does It Make Sense For You?

You’ve got a product that’s perfect for the channel and you want to get it there fast.  Or you’re already in the channel and want to be more effective, maybe even pare down your existing partner list and add a few that would be more in line with your goals.  But, you don’t have a […]

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3 Ways to Tell if you Need a Big Kid Marketing Automation System

After personally using 4 different email management systems over the past 7 years to create, launch, and track over 650 email campaigns in both the B2C and B2B worlds, I can assuredly tell you, there are differences between them. There are differences between the little guys that charge nominal fees, and the marketing automation systems […]

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What they don’t know might hurt them

Some products just are what they are. We don’t need to know anything more about them. We don’t need anything extra to go with them. But there are products out there that are a little more complicated. That’s where a good salesperson comes in. There are certain things consumers need to know. For example, if […]

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Joint Marketing Planning: the key to improved MDF ROI

A lack of ROI accountability is the #1 frustration for channel marketers who utilize MDF. This frustration keeps popping up in client engagements. When asked to elaborate, responses boil down to some combination of: 1. I don’t know if the funds are aligned with my objectives, or 2. It is difficult to tie MDF expenditures […]

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Turning Data into Dollars

Last month I had the chance to be a panelist at a forum hosted by Wolfgang Jank and the Robert H. Smith School of Business at the University of Maryland.  The topic was on Informatics – Data Driven Decision Making in Marketing. Per my usual M.O., I agreed to participate without knowing what I would discuss.  […]

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ABC, Always Be Connecting

The immortal line “ABC, always be closing” coined in the 1992 film, “Glengarry Glen Ross,” stereotypically illustrated the epitome of the salesperson and the sales process. Alec Baldwin gave a stellar performance as the over-the-top aggressive closer.  In the traditional sales model “Leads, Leads, Leads” are the swansong every salesperson sings.  A marketing machine behind […]

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